Nesta Mayo grew up in Houston, Texas where she received her BFA at the University of Houston. She moved to New York in 2002 where she completed her MFA at Hunter College in 2005. Her work is collected nationally and has most recently shown at Nurture Art, Brooklyn Arts Council and The Canal Chapter. A piece from the “flounder series” appears in the current issue of Cabinet Magazine (Fire, Issue 32) as part of an artist’s project on the idea of Plaice.

Her recent work focuses on an interest in the oddities of animal nature, illegible writing, black paint, white paint, ball point pens, pencil sharpeners and a subconscious randomization of all that goes through the brain late at night after the day should be done. Imagery that comes to fruition include the above mentioned illegible writing, flounders, cattle, bubbles filled with dreams of intergalactic ray guns and other such serial endeavors for which line and form become drawings and paintings. She lives and works in Bushwick (Brooklyn, NY).