"Tallon creates images that fossilize in your memory and unlock emotions from one's own prison."
—Cosimo Cavallaro (Sculptor of My Sweet Lord, a.k.a. Chocolate Jesus)

Numerous New York Gallerists have described Tallon’s art as “worship of the devil.”

Tallon is a drinker of the blood and eater of the body of his Lord Christ. He is the son of a prison guard and a Christmas-ornament making mother. Tallon was born and raised in the backwoods of Feltchville, Vermont, on pig farms and cemeteries.

In 2007, Tallon was commissioned to create video work for the private art collection of the John L. Stewart Partnership.

Tallon is currently curating “Trance Psychotic Fetish Bodies: A Film and Video Phantasmagoria” at the Bowery Poetry Club, featuring artists Almagul Menlibayeva and Pawel Wojtasik.