Doug Groupp is a native New Yorker, born in Queens, New York he has been playing with visual imagery ever since his parents caught him drawing on the walls of their apartment after he had gotten into his mothers mascara cabinet. In fact, one might argue that Groupp has never grown up.  He is obsessed with children book illustrations and the juxtaposition of this imagery to convey a sense of humor and view on the world that is political, sexual, aesthetic, or just plain absurd. Collage artist, painter and screen printer, Doug Groupp has been working and living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn since 2000. He started out as a painter, but his most recent work consists of collages, with elements coming from a variety of sources – from textbooks to industrial design. He chooses imagery based on their line form and nostalgic quality. Groupp received his BFA from SUNY Purchase College in ‘93 where he concentrated mainly in painting, collage, frottage and silkscreen printing. He has exhibited in group shows in New York, Ohio, and Berlin.  He had his first solo show in Dumbo Brooklyn, New York in December 2007.

Groupp’s work “combines the seemingly disparate elements of nostalgia, idyllic childhood whimsy, superfluous everyday objects, Native-American mysticism, and modern industrial design to create a cohesive collection of iconic imagery.”