'Seeds' are new works by a flourishing group of artists, from all over the world that will illuminate the Puffin Room. The works will evoke a garden of delights portraying the roots of human nature, mythology, folklore, medicinal animals, wilderness, the micro/macro cosmos etc., while triggering a sense of being reconciled with nature.  

In today's globalised world, we are constantly in front of a screen. Time exists in a whole new dynamic. We structure and synchronize our schedules to the second, and are constantly being fed with instant information from all types of media. 'Seeds' artists pulls the viewer out of this context and places one in a cocoon of timeless tales, as if storytelling in the ancient manner, through the reflection of experiences, teachings of animals, and meditations on nature.

Seeds of the Wild is a debut curatorial project by Helen Wu.

Earth Day Seeds Performance Event
Wed. Apr 22, 6:30PM