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November 8 - December 14

A tribute to Coney Island
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Dance of the Doomed
September 20 - October 26

Art from the twilight of EMPIRE


W.M.D.(just the low points)
two weeks of workshop performance

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Women Center Stage 2008
April 13 , 2008 - April 26, 2008
A festival supports and promotes women artists, writers and changemakers whose work amplifies human struggles globally.


May 9 - 10

Concept and Choreography by Hou Ying





Into the Atomic Sunshine - Post-War Art under Japanese Peace Constitution Article 9: January 12, 2008 - February 10, 2008. Vanessa Albury, Allora & Calzadilla, Kota Ezawa, Eric van Hove, Yutaka Matsuzawa, Yasumasa Morimura, Nobuyuki Ohura, Yoko Ono, Motoyuki Shitamichi, Yuken Teruya, Yukinori Yanagi. Curator: Shinya Watanabe
Opening Night Photos here


Yoko Ono with her piece
"Play It By Trust"



Downtown 81: November 1-7
Directed by Edo Bertoglio, produced & art directed by Maripol, written & co-produced by Glenn O'Brien, and executively produced by Michael Zilkha.


Impounded: Nov. 10 - Dec. 9
Photos by Dorothea Lange
of the Japanese/American Interment
with additional works by ANSEL ADAMS and CLEM ALBERS


October 12-13
MariaColacoDance presents
Zebras aren't native to Texas.

As offbeat as its title implies.


The Puffin Room & Dream Street present
Cultural Magic

October 26th, 2007




October 4-5

Choreography and Script: Faith Pilger, Director: Andy Paris
Featuring: Amy Adams, Olivia Bramlett, Dorian Cervantes, David Perrin, Laurie Schroeder*, Evgenia Radilova and Faith Pilger


October 19th & 20th
Trinayan Collective, Odissi dance group presents
Devi Krispa - an offering to the supreme goddess
Choreography by Durga Charan Ranbir




April 27, 28
(Apotheose Mystique)
An expressionistic evening of Butoh by the returning
Vangeline Theater Co.


May 11, 12
Erica Essner Performance co-op Contemporary dance featuring LoMa Familiar, Akiko Furukawas, Jenni Hong, Hannah Sidel and Paul Singh.


May 18
Choreographer showcase with Sonia Portugal, Melinda lee, Maria Colaco, Chi-Chun Huang, Berioska Ipinza.


April 20, 21
Dance and choreography by principal members of Shin Wei Dance Co.


May 4, 5
Modern dance with NY based
Venezuelan group


Loft Show 9
January 20th – February 25, 2007



Free Speech Blues Project
February 28, March 1, 2, 3, 8, 10.


he Whole World Is Celebrating

Photography by Joe Viesti
A vivid collection of global festivals and celebrations

Weavings of War, Fabrics of Memory
curated by Ariel Zeitlin Cooke

An exhibition of beautiful, touching and disturbing traditional textiles that picture modern warfare in Afghanistan, Vietnam, Laos, Chile, Peru, Palestine and South Africa. With photos and interviews of eloquent refugee–artists bearing witness to war.

Loft Show 8 – Contemporary works by artists from downtown NYC

Puffin Spring Dance Series

John Lennon in NYC – Photography by Allan Tannenbaum, Roger Farrington, and David Spindel
EAST/WEST – Landscapes by Carl Rosenstein
BEIJING SPRING – Contemporary Art by Ding Xiaoqing, Guo Hui, Gong Lin, Liu Xuguang, Li Fu, Song Xin
Puffin Dance Winter 2005
SOHO BLUES – New York in the 70s


Shocked and Awed – featuring over 70 drawings by children from Baghdad Kingdom of Fear Loft Pioneer Show 7 2004 Winter Dance Project


WE REMEMBER: Art and the Rosenbergs Loft Pioneer Show 6 Puffindance 2003 Winter Dance Photograpy and Performance Project


SUGARFREE 2002. A positive artistic vision from troubled Venezuela. PULSE. Curated by the Moim Project. WAR. "Resist much, obey little," war-oriented art from the U.S. SPRING PERFORMANCE 2002. WBAI Benefit and four weeks of dance performances. RUFFLED FEATHERS. Curated by Asian American Women's Artists Association. THROUGH THE LENS AT JACOB'S PILLOW. 70 years of dance photography in the Berkshires.


SUBWAY TO KENYA. Art by Tony "the Bricklayer" and children from Kenya and South Africa.

SHOUTS FROM THE WALL. Posters and photographs from the Abrahan Lincoln Brigade Archives.SPRING PERFORMANCE 2001. Theater, music, performance art, and dance. 5th LOFT PIONEER SHOW. Contemporary art by founding loft artists. SOUTHERN EXPOSURE. Emerging artsts from Buenos Aires, Argentina. DANCE ON CAMERA FESTIVAL 2001.


THE PRISON-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. A comprehensive look at the American prison system and the death penalty. DISTANT VOICES 4. Images of the Other America. SPRING PERFORMANCE 2000. TERRA SACRARE. An environment-orientedd exhibit. ART OUT OF SUDAN. THROUGH CUBAN EYES.


WHEN WILL THEY EVER LEARN? Art by the children of war. HOW AMERICAN CITIES WERE BUILT. 4th LOFT PIONEER SHOW. THE ART OF RESISTANCE: Social Realists of the Phillippines. STRAIGHT NO CHASER. The African-American influence on our national cultural landscape.


LANDMINES: Danger at Every Step. THE SPIRIT LIVES. Photographs from the Spanish Civil War. 3rd LOFT PIONEER SHOW. Contemporary works by founding artists from Soho, Noho, & Tribeca. CULTURE & CONFLICT: British Architecture in Northern Ireland. BUILDING BRIDGES: The American debut of contemporary Vietnamese painters. WASN'T THAT A TIME? Portraits of influential activists of the 20th century.


SPEAK OUT: Seven Women Sculptors info 2nd LOFT PIONEER SHOW. Contemporary works by the founders of Soho. THE WEAVINGS OF WAR. Tapestries from war-torn countries. THE AURA OF THE CAUSE. Rare photographs from the Spanish Civil War. ONE BY ONE. Children of the Holocaust & the Third Reich come together.


DISTANT VOICES 3. Photographic images from repressed regions. LOFT PIONEER SHOW. Painting and sculpture from the founders of Soho. THROWING AWAY THE FUTURE: THE WAR AGAINST CHILDREN. DOCUMENTING LIFESTYLES. Photos by Palestinian and Israeli teenagers. SHOUTS FROM THE WALL. Posters brought back by American volunteers in the Spanish Civil War. THURSDAY'S CHILD. New York artists and inner-city kids unite.


TO MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE. Children express their hope for the future. DISTANT VOICES 2. Photographic images of native cultures.


DISTANT VOICES. Photographic images of native cultures.