Born August 31, 1941 David grew up in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, the second of four children, his father was a pharmacist and his mother a schoolteacher.

David graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in 1964 after studying under such great photographers as Minor White, Ralph Hattersley, and Robert Bagby. Post graduation, he worked as a photo assistant for almost 6 years until his last employer at that time (Tosh Matsumoto), encouraged him to open his own studio.

Over his prolific commercial career, numerous major newspapers, magazines, art publication, and TV shows in the U.S. and abroad have featured articles and segments on David and his unique approach to photography.

David’s photography integrates an extraordinary mastery of his craft with an unusual technical and imaginative wit. Whether David is creating an antique still life, a legendary baseball memorabilia collage, a celebrity portrait, or one of his outrageously humorous rebuses, David’s photography is passionate and engages people from all walks of life.

After meeting the needs of the commercial advertising market for over 28 years, David sought out a new avenue that would pictorialize his eccentric yet well-received sense of humor. He began creating an interactive body of work called Rebuses. Webster’s dictionary defines a rebus as representation of words or phrases by means of pictures or objects whose names resemble those words or phrases; a form of riddle composed of such pictures. David’s rebuses have been quoted as being…unexpectedly different and more fun than finding one of Hirshfeld’s Nines. Ranging in subjects from some of your favorite celebrities to frequently used everyday expressions; David’s rebuses are an outpouring of his inexhaustible sense of humor. T-shirts and posters of his most popular creations are sold throughout the U.S. and abroad.

It is David’s instinct to perpetually create new photographs. It’s just too bad that a day only lasts 24 hours. Various fans and collectors of David’s work include: Charlton Heston, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Marty Allen, Stiller and Meara, Ann Jackson, Eli Wallach, Donald Trump, Jerry Lewis, Lou Jacobi, Billy Crystal and numerous others. Regis Philbin said, “David is a little eccentric but you have to put up with it when someone is a genius.” Bette Davis said, “David’s art is wondrous.” Joe DiMaggio greatly admired David’s talent and he graciously posed for a unique portrait with his own personal memorabilia.

In 1992, Abbeville Press released The Bronx Bombers and The Boston Red Sox, the first two titles in the "award winning,” eight volume Major League Memories Series. Each book chronicles a major league baseball team’s history, in scrapbook form, from inception to present day. The books contain hundreds of colorful photographs that cohesively document the eight team’s most cherished memories.

David’s time between projects is spent promoting his growing array of new products, as well as, donating his photographic works to a myriad of charitable organizations. He has raised funds for the Leukemia Society of America, The Mid Hudson Children’s Museum, A.L.S., Baseball Assistance Team (BAT), Lupus, The Heart Fund, Yogi Berra’s and Phil Rizzuto’s favorite charities (Handicapped Boy Scouts of Southern NJ and St. Joseph’s School for the Blind) and numerous family shelters. David’s original photographs decorate many corporate offices and numerous baseball stadiums. His Limited Editions, depicting legendary athletes and their memorabilia, are sold worldwide. The Baseball Hall of Fame has sold thousands of David’s posters over the years.

In 1997, David moved his New York City studio into his home in New City. N.Y. David resides with his charming and beautiful wife Barbara, of thirty-nine years. She is a tremendous asset to his creativity. David credits a large proportion of his success to her incredible support. Their son, Jeffrey, works and resides in New City, NY. And their daughter Joyce works and resides in New York City.

The June 29, 2005 issue of Sports Collectors Digest featured a story about David and his unique photographic artwork. In the June 2004 issue of Costco Magazine there was a feature story about David and his unique talent.

In late May of 2004, David and Barbara decided it was time to make a change. In June they sold their home and much of their collectibles, packed up what remained and move to sunny Anthem, Arizona. David, will now be spending much of his time with his wife, discovering and photographing the magnificent landscapes of Arizona and the surrounding states.



© David Spindel