© Roger Farrington


© Allan Tannenbaum


It’s hard to imagine that twenty-five years have passed since John Lennon was murdered in New York City. It seems like only yesterday that he and Yoko Ono were coming out of a five-year seclusion after the birth of their son Sean and recording a new album. I was privileged to be one of the few photographers John and Yoko asked to photograph their re-emergence into the world in 1980.

As chief photographer for the SoHo Weekly News, I was able to have exclusive photo sessions with them in Central Park and at The Dakota, where they lived and worked, and while they made a video for their single, “(Just Like) Starting Over.”

The theme of this exhibition is to remember the legend who wanted so much to be an everyday New Yorker. I’ve asked several of my photographer colleagues to join me in presenting images from John Lennon’s last few months alive. Many thanks to David Spindel, and Roger Farrington for contributing their wonderful photographs to thiscommemoration of John Lennon in New York City.


Allan Tannenbaum
New York, 2005



© David Spindel