Danger at Every Step

A multimedia exhibit presented by The Puffin Foundation Ltd. and UNICEF

December 5, 1998 - January 24, 1999

A woman crosses a field to fetch water, a farmer tills the land, while a child wanders happily looking for interesting objects to play with. Gone are the sounds of wr. The villagers have returned to their homes. Tranquility reigns in the nearby field.
Suddenly, a brief explosion shatters the silence. The woman, the man or the child lie on the ground, parts of their body blown off, about to die or become maimed for life.
They have stepped on a small explosive device buried in the ground or they have tripped a wire attached to one comouflaged at the foot of a tree. Or perhaps the child has picked up a colorful butterfly-shaped object which then exploded in her hands.
In 70 countries around the world, there are more than 110 million existing landmines placed along roads and footpaths which translate into death and dismemberment for children every year. Since 1975, more than 300,000 children have been the victims of these insidious weapons.
This interactive exhibit is intended to raise public consciousness and to mobilize support for the recent Ottawa Convention to ban landmines, which has now been ratified by more than 40 countries, but not the United States.



You, your organization or educational institution can contribute directly to the clearing of a minefield in Cambodia, Angola, Bosnia, Nicaragua and elsewhere. Join the United Nations Association of the United States in their plot project. By adopting a minefield for the purposes of raising funds, your group can play an active role in returning the minefields to productive use by monitoring the de-mining process, receiving regular reports and visits by de-miners and sending local representatives to the area for first-hand accounts. For more information, please visit the Adopt-A-Minefield Project at


The Puffin Foundation Ltd. invites all educators to bring their students to visit this important exhibit. Stipends are available to pay for bus transportation.


Saturday, December 5. 6:00-8:00 p.m.
with remarks by
Carol Bellamy, Executive Director of UNICEF
Jerrold L. Nadler, U.S. Congressman

Saturday, January 9.
Dancing Goddesses of the Killing Fields
2:00 p.m. Children's workshop with Thavro Phim
4:00 p.m. Dance performance

Saturday, January 23. 4:00 p.m.
A film by Jonathan Silvers and Sam Shinn about the hundreds of thousands of villagers in Kazakhstan suffering from exposure to excessive radiation from fifty years of uncontained nuclear blasts.

Cover image:
"Horror and Scream,"
a drawing from I Dream of Peace
by DINKO, 12 years old from the village of POZEGA in the former Yugoslavia.